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Basic concept of Javascript prototype inheritance

Javascript prototype is one of the basic concept about Javascript.Prototypes are simply the parents of any object present in Javascript. The reason behind this post is to give an overview of what Javascript prototypes are using simple plain language and basic example. I would appreciate if you will throw some productive comments or questions in comments.

Object in Javascript explained

I've been through this in one of my previous post. But this one is going to be a detailed over what Javascript object and prototype works in real browser. Each and every object holds two basic things: methods and properties. Now what is a difference between properties of an object and normal Javascript variables and what is the difference between methods and normal Javascript function? Well, you find them in detail within this post.

Blogger's Mobile template feature you may never knew existed

Blogger hosting blogs can be ultra fast on mobile devices unless we know that Blogger have strong native API that detects mobile devices and works accordingly. I cannot imagine how many users have seen "?m=1" or "?m=0" while surfing their blogs in mobile. 1 and 0 are representation weather site is on mobile template or not. Lets dig into it to get more familiar with what you may know.

Complete guide to create an AJAX Blogger template

AJAX stands for asynchronous javascript and xml. It was launched years ago but I found only one Blogger based blog with AJAX, beside that it is one of the coolest technology to adopt. Basically, when a visitor visits your blog, all the scripts (including CSS and Javascript) are loaded once, then whenever visits any page from the same site, a request is being sent to server, it returns data in plain text which would be much more lighter than the whole page and it will replace a space in DOM without refreshing the page. Maybe you are not familiar with it much, lets us dig into it.

Instagram filters on images using CSS

I always loved those retro and classy filters of Instagram, later after the release of Retrica and Candy like camera apps make a trend of having filtered images. Right now they are much more popular on social media due to flat and light gesture on image and image looks much more pretty. This is a fine tutorial to apply filters on <img> tag.
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