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Integrate Facebook comments with Blogger

Facebook comments plugin are going well due to more social experience. You can moderate comments like other commenting systems as well as you can make your Facebook friend as a comment moderator. Further there more advantages of using them are listed in the post.
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How to give callback on a Facebook share using Facebook javascript SDK

I shared to give callback with Tweet using Twitter intent API, but however Facebook hold more number of registered users so I'm going to share the same with Facebook. Facebook have a huge developers' tools which could be helpful to create uncountable tools for websites and apps.

So in one of them is Javascript SDK which uses client-side to do functions, so lets begin:
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When it comes to responsive design, the fixed widths changes to percentages. Since, in my last Masonry tutorial I didn't used the option of columnWidth because of same width of elements but if elements have different widths then columnWidth becomes a mandatory option to use or else the plugin doesn't works. Have a look:
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Sticky blogger contact form

Customization and all those tutorial which were shared related to Blogger contact form widgets were different from this because this will not add-up anything in contact form instead contact form will appear as more useful tool for this. You can integrate any customization code (CSS) with this, it will not affect the working of contact form. Lets begin:
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