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Alt and title tag image

The alt and title attributes are not useless, instead they provide a contextual detail of an image. They both have text, but have different uses. Usually, people take them as a same context but they are different in sense of use. Further, they have importance in SEO, as they provide contextual detail so search engines can crawl some details with them. Lets have a look how to add these attributes.
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8 amazing tricks you can do with CSS3 without using image

Since, CSS3 overcomes many design solution for modern web. So we can use to them to ultimate level as to get maximum advantage of them. Currently images are a important factor (sometimes for design) however, they are also one of the factor to increase page loading time (depend on size of image). So I've got 8 amazing ways to overcome the use of images in design factor. However, their browser capability must be analyzed before usage. Have a look.
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Development Of Blogger Template

Well, I know many of you will not follow the last two posts, and will try to directly jump on this last one but however, lets move on to the last phase of our Blogger template creation that is development. For development first I'm going to discuss the specific layout of that template and accordingly you will create your template. Lets start with a basic layout:
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In first post, we have created notes and a mind map that how it will look or feel, but still we do not have any visual of that design. So, this post will tell you how can you get those ideas and inspiration on canvas.

Well, many of us and many of us don't use Photoshop as a web-designing tool and do not create a PSD of template. Even, in many cases I also do not create design on Photoshop because it takes a lot of time. But when it comes to a professional design, so you should be professional too. So lets have a look on further details:
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