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Hide Home Link From Navigation in Blogger

Well, it is very simple but a demanded question. Home link shows by default in pages widget in Blogger which is the only navigational widget. Have a look how can you home link:
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Load Disqus On Button Click

Recently, I found that Disqus have a very heavy script that takes too much time to load but you should know that it never loads when a page loads but when a user scrolls to commenting area. So why its good to use button for Disqus to load?

As a Blogger user I do not recommend to use button to load Disqus, the reason is mentioned in the further post. Lets have look how can you load Disqus on click.
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Stick element to mouse pointer

jQuery the most popular Javascript framework today, it is easy to learn and easy to implement. It also create ease to access many function in much minimized way. So in this tutorial I'm going to hands on with a very useful function of jQuery that is .mousemove(). Have a look:
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Recent Post News Ticker Blogger Widget

In my two recent posts, I described how to first get Blogger feeds and then how to fetch them and display as plain text. This time I'm going a bit high, because a news ticker style widget tutorial is here, which you've seen in premium templates. So have a look at the demo.
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