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Target different devices with CSS or Javascript

Tablets, smartphones, notes, pads and so many out there with different names. We simply name th...

Can I Use: Great resource for browser capability

Thursday, July 02, 2015
HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript each of them are not 100% supported in browser. Check browser capability of each tag, property and function on Can I Use. Desktop and mobile browsers as well as global use of that specific query is listed there. If there is any known issue, like browser bug and conditional issues are also listed there.

Website :

Prism JS and Highlight JS - great Javascript plugins for code highlighting

Okay let me define in start, this one is not a one on one fight. This post is all about their fe...

Do you really need a native app?

Native vs web, not a war actually. Both have pros and cons of using and believe me they do not h...

Wanted to be an updated front end developer?

Sunday, June 21, 2015
While running through websites, I just came by and stop after looking at some great resources, great people and great blogs to follow up to become and updated web developer. A great resource containing leading web front end developers, great blogs, popular podcasts and major resource to get up-to.

Blogger expression and operators for layout data tags [For Developers]

Blogger doesn't allow access to servers, means no php, SQL or any server side stuff. However...

Change your jQuery into native Javascript

Thursday, June 18, 2015
jQuery is quite useful and a important niche of web development. However, there are reason available for you to completely head towards Javascript, but that isn't easy any way. Plain JS let you do this by providing alternate functions to many jQuery functions.

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Building apps using WordPress? Pointers you must keep in mind

After entering into the web market as one of the most used content management system, WordPress ha...