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Replace your Blogger default comment system with new Google Plus comment system

Replace your comments with threaded comments
I had introduced Disqus commenting system which can be help full for anyone,now I'm here to give some more about the new commenting system which is having threaded comments functionality.In last past days the Blogger has done some improvements in it.The Google+ comments were enable in Blogger posts.These Google+ commenting system are feels better and provide more functionalities to the comment system.So lets see why should you replace your comments with these ones?
The Google+ new commenting system ,doesn't sounds good? Actually this new commenting system provide a theme of Google+ and it is customized with light colour scheme and having well reply system which will make your comments feel organized.
Replace your blogger comments with threaded comments
The screenshot of Google+ comment and reply.
The above screenshot give bit detail about the comments.These comments having following improvements

  1. +1 is the comments or the reply.It is like a Facebook comment liking which provides the rating to each comments.It means if you like any comment just give a +1.
  2. Sharing details is one of the major improvement in the new commenting system.This will help a commentator to secure its privacy or to hide their comments from the public while it have a option to show it to those who are added in its circle. Isn't it cool?
  3. The commentator will have a option to either share these comments in its Google+ or no.It is better for those who likes to share its words with their lovers ones.
  4. Onhover profile showing function is one the best improvement is done in this system.When ever a visitor will hover on any of the commentator name it will show a bit of its profile which is really fascinating.

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