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10 killer tips to minimize your page loading time

Bloggers do a lot to maintain their position in search engines but some of the mistakes may lead their site in backward.One of the reason of better SEO is loading time.The better loading time your site give,the more visitors knock the door.Therefore,maintain your site loading time that will directly increase your SEO.So lets see what are some of the killer tips to minimize your site loading time?

Use CSS In <head>

Usually webmasters do write their CSS in <head> but sometimes we use <style> tag to add style in <body> but,it is advised to use CSS in <head> only.After all it is suggested by Google though.

Use Light Images

Images are one of the way to express the message but,sometimes it size is somehow a little bit bigger because of that it takes time to load.It is suggested to use small size or light weight images to upload and do use alt attribute in images ,it is useful in SEO.

Minify Javascript

Javascript is one of the heavy script it is suggested to use a light weight script and try to use less amount because it increases the loading time and can directly effect to your traffic.

Do Not Use @import In CSS

@import is a method to import outsource style sheets in CSS part but,it do increase page loading time and it is suggested by Google to not use this method for style portion.

Minimize The Use Of Google Fonts

The fonts available on Google fonts are not officially hosted by Google,they are uploaded by users and every font have its own ability to increase a page time.If you use the fonts then try to add those fonts which takes less time.Every font shows a speed meter from that you could see that how much a font can take time.

Use Of Efficient CSS Selectors

Efficient CSS selectors could be a class or id,do not use universal selectors.It may increases the loading time.
E.g of Universal selectors (incorrect)
body ul li a{color:#000}
E.g of id and class selectors (correct)
.class11 .class22{color:#000}

Specify Image Size 

If you uploaded a image of 100px by 100px and make it 50px by 50px in <img> tag or using width and height in CSS will decrease your loading time.If there is any situation like that then simply use any editor to make it work properly.

Use Standard CSS and Javascript properties

We sometimes use style in HTML tags for e.g
<div style="color:#fff;background:#000;">example</div>
It is a incorrect mannor to use CSS,same goes to Javascript.Here is an example
p { width: expression( document.body.clientWidth > 600 ? "600px" : "auto" ); }
These mistakes decreases your page loading time and may effect your visitors,therefore use standard way to do it.

Optimize Your Site For Mobile

In recent 2 or 3 decades the use of handheld devices has been increased a lot,so as a web designer you should take care these types of issues.The site we use in PC or laptops are sometimes heavy scripted but same site in many mobiles may take time to load.Simply,optimize your site for mobile or handheld devices so they do load rapidly.

Combine External Scripts

External scripts load one by one.If you combine all CSS in one sheet and all Javascript in one document will definitely decrease your loading time.

Every scripts take individual time to load as seen below

Taken From
While if the scripts are merged (or combine) will decrease time.As shown below

Taken From
These tips are officially suggested by Google.

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