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3 major Precautions while blogging through Blogger

I've been a Blogger since 2011 and I have a vast experience of being stuck in the long term problems.I go through all the process while doing blogging.Now I'm sharing the problems that are been faced by the mostly newbies while blogging that could decrease their traffic and directly effect their earnings.So lets see the precautions while blogging through Blogger.

Don't play with template

I had a vast experience to play with templates and change the values in template but,for a newbie its not a toy.These templates needs vast scripting experience to edit the template.If you have gain much traffic then avoid to play with templates, a major problem can spoil the template and that is the worst thing that could happen.A single tag displacement can cause this issue,stay away from it.

Browser Capability

I've been through this issue recently and I found me in a deep hole.Let me tell you a bit about it.Browser capability is one of the major factor in the mean of the variation of the traffic,however sometimes it is ignored.But for a Blogger it is important to check their sites in all major browsers.If due to any issue it is not working properly then try to maintain it because the visitor should impressed by you site so he visit next time other wise you will lose a visit,and every visit counts.

Loading Time

If you have a fine working site then make sure that the loading time should be affordable to all the visitors.The widgets usually provided by Blogger doesn't vary the loading time but the thrid part widgets can easily increase the loading time and finally retardation in the traffic.


"The Blogger templates are differ from Wordpress ones.If you want them to work properly then take care of it."

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