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contact form released by Blogger

A new contact form widget released by Blogger for Blogger Blogs
There are many widgets that are officially own and introduced by Blogger Ever.But,there are official widgets that are officially offered by Blogger for newbies with easy to use options.On the go,Blogger has recently released a really amazing widget known as "Contact Form".Lets discover more about this widget.
There are many online tools that provide free and premium services related to forms,polls and surveys.That includes Google Docs,Poll Daddy etc.As I told these service provides free as well as premium services but,contact form powered by Blogger has a Name field,E-mail field and a message box.

To add contact form follow the steps below
  • Go to layout > Add gadget
  • More gadget and click on contact form to add.
If someone will contact you,the message,name and e-mail will be send to your google account you are registered.

I've decided to share some customization tutorials and snippets to customize the contact form.Stay tuned!

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