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Become a google friend with its webmaster tools

Google provides a stunning platform for webmasters and do support them.Google search engine is the most using search engine in world almost 90-92% ,however it depends on you that how your site looks in search result.Even,sometimes it won't show because of your SEO.
Google search engine optimization depends on many factors like loading time and meta tags but to maintain your site results and SEO do use the Google webmaster tools,its is a platform to submit your site to Google while many newbies may still unknown with this.So lets explore Google webmaster tools.
The tools including error checker,speed test,search result checker and much more.Let me give a brief introduction of some of the important tools provided by them.

Error Checker

This tools provide DNS checking ,Server connectivity checking,Robots.txt Fetch checking and URL error checking.The results come from these tests may help your to fix the errors present in site that may be a hurdle for your visitors.

Speed Test

Google webmaster provides a advanced speed tester which do check your site speed as well as do provide the results with solution ,that how to increase speed of your site.
This tool do provide assistance and give a high quality results based on your site performance

Structured Data Testing Tool

This tool do provide the search result facility to check how your site looks like in search result.I've discussed about the search result.

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