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Create page templates for pages like Wordpress in blogger

I'm aware about the Wordpress and its features which kicks the Blogger away but,I'm a user of Blogger and I know well that how to create such things with Blogger.Blogger templates based on xml while Wordpress is based on PHP and SQL which are such a different and difficult markup languages.
To get start formerly let me tell you that this tutorial is for those who knows the basics of CSS and HTML.
So lets get start.Usually a Blogger template have 4 or 5 wrappers which covers the whole template in it.
  • header-wrapper
  • main-wrapper
  • content-wrapper
  • sidebar-wrapper
  • footer-wrapper
So in this tutorial I will teach you that how to change their styles in a specific page.But it is not necessary that you will have these wrappers too,the ids or classes will be change so make sure that you knows your template well.
This is the secret of this trick.
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;PAGE_OR_POST_URL_GOES_HERE&quot;'>
Code Goes Here
Now replace the  PAGE_OR_POST_URL_GOES_HERE with your post or page url in which you want that specific style.Then, Code Goes Here with your code.

Here is an example.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;;'>
        #sidebar-wrapper, .blog-pager, .post-header-line-1, .post-footer{ display:none !important;}
        #main-wrapper { width:99%!important;min-height:0px;}
        #main-wrapper h2{display:none;}
        .post { width:99%!important; min-height:0px;}
 The above script shows the style of our contact us page which is having width of main-wrapper of 99 percent and sidebar is set to display:none which hides the sidebar in this specific page.

This is a short tutorial for how to create these page templates now its on you that how you create it in your own way.

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