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How to add your picture in search results in Blogger?

Have you ever seen the picture of the bloggers before their blog links in search engines? Okay,let me tell you that these pictures are provided by the blogger and you can also do that for yourself too.The pictures that are shown here are those pics which are set on your Google + profile.But all of us have on it but why it doesn't shows.So lets see to to add your picture in Google search?
Update! I've updated this article with this one.

Most of us have already added that about author widgets in our layouts which is provided by Blogger officially.That widget does shows your Google + profile but let me remind you that the pic size should be 128px by 128px otherwise it may not show.

For those who doesn't added their profile on Blogger then simply follow the steps

  • add this line in your your layout (anywhere)
<a href=" ID"
rel="author" target="_blank"> Join me on Google+</a>
  • Now replace GOOGLE+ ID.
  • you can get it by the following method.
Your Google + profile link looks like this one
The area I've highlighted your Google + ID.

Don't try to play with it.This line will connect your Google plus profile with your blog.
Make sure that size should be 128px by 128px in size.

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