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Manage your all social networking with one mobile app

As I've already discussed about how to spice up your blog with social integration.Now we are move on to a next level.The days we are living is surrounded by handheld devices,a new day , a new device but still to manage too much accounts is not bit deal.They always needing too much time to write an status in every social media account.Though,it is necessary for SEO and can increase your traffic unexpectedly,the more fans you will have the more views you will get.However, the solution is to manage all accounts with one social media app but how? Lets see!
I've discussed about hootsuite which is really an amazing tool to manage more than one social media account,but in this case we need to move on handheld devices.Well,Hootsuite is available in app store (for iphone and ipad) and in Play store (for any android devices).This one app can really help you out.Now get your hootsuite dashboard in your hand.

User reviews

"Love hootsuite! Can time activate for all accounts better enabling me to give shout outs to clients!"

"Great app. Does everything I want and more when it comes to managing multiple social services. Great and prompt customer service too."

"I've been using Hootsuite for years. After trying a number of others, I can say without a doubt that it is the best Twitter client out there by a significant margin. Great UI, features, functionality."

"This app works really good, so far I haven't had any problems with it. It updates my Facebook & Twitter."

"Has low data use, very easy to use and understand."

"I have tried them all and hootsuite is hands down on top of their game."

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