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Online tools for some great widgets

Online tools for some great widgets
I've already announced a tons of really cool widgets for Bloggers.Now I'm introducing some online tools that can give you some fascinating widgets for your blog that will could really help you to increase your page views.These tools provide high quality stuff for newbies that could help them to maintain their blog widgets.
These tools do provide full functionality to work fine with any blog without getting stuck.The example I can give is Disqus commenting system which is one the fine working online tool and could be a best example of the online blogging tool.So lets explore more online tools which can provide some great widgets.


Shareaholic provides some fascinating Sharing Button,Recommendations (or related post) and Analytics.Every tool they provide are easy to us,easy to install and easy to manage.No worries of increase of loading time or no worries of scripting just 3-4 simple steps and you are on.


Addthis could be the worlds largest sharing buttons provider.They do provide Trend Content,Sharing Buttons,Follow Buttons and Welcome Bar.

According to Addthis

  • Our company, our products and our clients leverage data large and small to be better
  • Our company serves several multiple data-hungry markets
  • Data should managed in a way that respects the sites and users contributing it
  • Our products and services strive to put the 99% on equal footing with the 1%.


Linkwithin is maybe the most capable widget in the mean of the related posts.The linkwithin is too much simple and easy to use.You can regulate the related post from 3 to 5.This widget will appear under posts,having the post heading and its thumbnail.
It is better to have a related post widgets on the blog ,which let the traffic go on,visitors are usually engaged to see the posts.These widgets increases the value of older posts which are usually hidden with the time.So don't waste your golden posts.


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