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Why picture doesn't shows in Google search result?

I was gazing throughout the net and I found that their is some problems that the search results do not contain any author pic.I got a solution could really help you out to add a pic of yours in search result.This process is a little bit longer.So lets see why author image doesn't shows in Google search result?

Their will be many reasons for that their is no pic so lets check yourself that what should you do for it.
Here are some of the reasons.
  • Your Google + profile should be atleast 250px by 250px which is minimum size for Google + profile picture.It should be a recognizable headshot.
  • Make sure that you got a verified authorship e-mail.Authorship is a type of register yourself in front of Google as a author.
  • If you have done these steps then wait about at least 3-4 days so the Google server updates and changes occurs.
  • Make sure that you have connected your site with your Google + profile.If you haven't then follow the steps.
<a href=" ID"
rel="author" target="_blank"> Join me on Google+</a>
Replace your Google+ID and add this line in footer and do not try to edit anything else otherwise Google will unable to read it and it won't work properly.This section should be added in a public section like footer or sidebar.


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