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3 best extension for bloggers

3 best extension for bloggers
Bloggers need some of the tools in browsers,which make the work easy and quick for them to do.I am going to share the extension which let them work faster but,increase their social media integration more better.Not only this but help them a bit in designing their blogs.
Chrome extensions are the tools available in chrome store.These extensions works good and increase the user experience.Therefore,for any reasons use them,search through out on store and you will find something useful.
Before heading to first extension I refer to read this one.


3 best extension for bloggers
Hootsuite chrome extension is a fascinating tool,either blogger or social lover.It allows the user to publish their stuff with Hootsuite setting in its favourite social media accounts.Its quick and easy way to be socialize with others.
It seems like a boring task to open each and every social media account to update the latest status but,this tool really make that easy.


3 best extension for bloggers
It is also a fascinating extension for Chrome.It have several uses,
  • Allow to pick colour from web-page.
  • Have a colour picker as hex code.
  • Direct link to ColourZilla CSS gradient generator.
  • View your history of colour picking.
  • Webpage colour analyser.
All these features makes a good extension for web-designers.

Alexa Traffic Rank

3 best extension for bloggers
Alexa Traffic Rank is a complete solution for check rank of any site which is proposed by extension allows user to check the current site status (of that page) which is proposed by Alexa.
This extension have the following features.
  • Shows Global and regional ranking.
  • Rating in stars.
  • Shows sites link in.
  • Search analytics.
  • Way back machine.
  • Related links.
  • Average loading time.

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