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Blogs you must subscribe as a tech lover

Blogs you must subscribe as a tech lover
Blogging is one of the educative activity,either for author or the reader who reads the articles.However,I did start blogging for this purpose.Anyhow,some of the fascinating blogs that serves tons of articles,I mean quality articles that could be really informative for you,as e-mail subscription is one of the efficient way to get post in your inbox,though I will suggest to subscribe them and get what you want from them.


Mashable,a innovative blog,provides all type of news either techy or entertainment.Although they cover many different topics they cover but,you have a choice to follow there different accounts that covers different topics.As they also have a subscription option of newsletter so you can try it too.

The Next Web

The Next Web is one of the most popular blog,known for its techy news and designing tips,however they provide many subscription options like Twitter,Facebook,Google +,RSS,Pinterest and most important e-mail subscription.


CNet,a top going blog provides tons and tons of quality articles for tech geeks,though they provide many subscription options so you have a vast choice to subscribe them and reason to do it.Therefore,do not wait and subscribe them.

Ars Technica

Ars Technica,known for its unqiue articles and different topics they cover.However,this article is written for best techy blogs,therefore Ars Technica also proviedes tech news and well as latest internet news.Don't miss this one subscribe to them,either with RSS or with e-mail.

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