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How to redirect domain to Blogger?

How to redirect domain to Blogger?
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Now heading on the most asked question for a blogger blogs.How to redirect domain to Blogger blogs?As many of us do purchase domain from hosters,though it is neccessary to have some setting otherwise you will lose bunch of your traffic. However, my domain is also redirected though I know well how make it work just perfect.Its easy,simple and quick.So lets see,how to redirect domain to Blogger?

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How to redirect domain to Blogger?

Some people purchase their domain from Blogger that is hosted by Google and their is no need to redirect it but,this tutorial is for those who purchase their domain from other registrar.Okay now follow the steps to make it work.

  • Go to settings > basics.
  • Click on custom domain.
  • Click on switch to advance.
  • Then write your domain which had registered.
  • After that save it and go to setting instructions.
  • According to instructions you will get two CNAMEs,I can't mention as they are different for all.
  • Add those CNAME in you hostings and you will find 4 A records,add them too.
  • Now,it will take 24 hours to redirect ,however it will not effect traffic.
  • After redirection again go to settings>basics and click on edit,in from of your domain and tick on Redirect to
  • The above step is very important other wise you will lose your traffic.
Yes we have finished.

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