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Make your blog a bit SEO optimized

Make your blog a bit SEO optimized
I've shared a lots of SEO tips and this one will be added to those.Blogger templates are created with some professional hands but updates in Google alogarithm the search engine strategies changes and because of that the Bloggers should optimize their blog for it.
The old Blogger blogs have post title under <h3> tag while their is a need to show them under <h2> tag because that what Google search engine shows and for that we need to change the older tag if it is present in you blog.
Follow the steps to make it work
  • Find the following snippet in your template.

<h3 class='post-title entry-title'>
                                <b:if cond=''>
                                  <a expr:href=''>

  • Because of different snippet in every templates I am showing a small portion of that code.This is the code of the post title.It doesn't have closing tag as I told you that this is small portion,not full.Now change the <h3 to <h2 and similarly change to closing tag of this title with h2 so it works perfectly and will be a bit SEO optimized.

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