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Top 5 Paypal Aleternatives

Since Paypal is not available in many countries, hence we have many other options like Paypal have a look.
Top 5 Paypal Aleternatives

Paypal is the most beloved way to pay and get paid but though because of some problems the sellers and the  buyers are some how don't use it.Therefore,I've decided to share some of the most related,but best alternatives from Paypal to compete the Paypal and to run your transitions frequently.So lets have a look.

Why not to use Paypal?

It is important that why not to use Paypal as it is one of the most beloved way to pay and get paid.
  • It is not available in many regions of the world.
  • It have different privacy for almost every region.
  • They could banned your account for unjustified reason.
  • User have to make sure that the transition is coming from verified Paypal account otherwise your account may be banned.

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Alternatives of Paypal

So lets have a look on top 5 alternatives of Paypal.


Want to sell some stuff online?you have the Plimus on the go,it is the e-commerce solution for the online sellers,as they provide some fascinating features for them.Plimus allows seller to accept major payment options like credit cards and yes Paypal too,but,however it is important to have a Paypal account.If you do not have it then you can accept from credit cards.The withdrawl amount could be taken through Paypal,wire transfer or cheque.


Payza is one of the best alternative of Paypal as it is supported in many countries and provides a prepaid cards for some regions while wire transitions and cheque for others.Payza is now supported in some of the online stores for customers and becoming popular because of its e-commerce features.You can also create a online site using Payza as it is one of the alternative solution of Paypal.


Skrill could be the best alternative solution for Paypal,it is one the payment method mostly used in commercial sites,while it provides many other withdrawal options like provides prepaid card for some regions and for others wire transfer is available.It is currently working in almost all the countries.

Google Checkout

Google Checkout could be the current most efficient and safest way to create a online store for transitions,as it is provided by Google thus,it could be the most trusted way for it.Google Checkout uses your Google account and you can add your credit card information so when ever you want to use it,you can do it through you Google checkout.

Western Union

After all payment method this is the most rarely but trusted way for a transition.It is not a online but you can check the status of your money order through internet.If you do not like any of the payment method above then I will refer you to use it otherwise,use above 4 as they help us to work online,however all the methods are safer.Send money from the nearest Western Union agent,after approval you money will be transfer under a minute and someone can receive it using correct Money Transfer Control Number.

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