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Twitter accounts you must followed to get better Job and Business tips

Twitter accounts you must followed to get better Job and Business tips
Today,there is a race,a race in career and race in success.Though,it is necessary to have job that can help you to get better lifestyle as well as high living standard.Though I would suggest some useful Twitter resources to get better Job opportunities and better Job tips.


This is a web-developer always wanting to be a part of Google,as a developer.Not only web-designing but hardware and software and lots of different IT Job opportunities you can get in any corner of the world by this twitter account.In any case if there is a job available at any Google office,you will receive a tweet related to job and maybe you can get hired.


Mashable is one the largest blog working online and providing tons of quality articles daily and every article is also tweeted on on Twitter as a link.Though,it covers many tops including social media,tech and most important jobs.It provides job tips to make your business healthy and worthy,I do refer this account,specially for those you want to get betterment in their business.


This Twitter account is a verified Microsoft Twitter account related to business management through Microsoft products get maximum reliability through you business.Not only this but they do many types of program that can help you to represent your business in from of the world through these types of resources.


Yahoo! a top tech leading company that is providing many online solutions as well as many other services.Yahoo have a large portfolio and have many achievements ,though I think you must subscribe to its job account at Twitter,so you can get better Job news from Yahoo!.

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