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6 tips to get better sponsors in buysellads

5 tips to get better sponsors in buysellads

Buysellads is one of the most using platform to monetize blog/site.It helps a Blogger to find sponsors for its site to make money,whereas it takes commission of 30%.However,it is a good platform,but it is a difficult task to have any sponsors.So let see how you can find better sponsors for buysellads.

Page views

Though,adsense and other platform do not demand this but a sponsors require is,page views.Page views will directly increase the ad impression given by the sponsor and those impressions will increase your demand in buysellads marketplace.

Site Rank

Google site ranking also attract the sponsors to your site.If the Google Rank is above 4 then there is better chances to get sponsors.Site ranking will also make sure that there is not any illegal content in the site.Actually,it will create the believe of a sponsor on your site.

Alexa Rank

Though,Alexa is not considered as Google Site Ranking but it is a way to populate your site in front.Alexa Ranking will make sure that your site is maintained and posts are good,as you got better rate of unique visitors.Otherwise,if you do not have better page views naturally your Alexa ranking will decrease.Means,better ranking = better sponsorship.

Content is King

Many of the sponsors consider the content,weather it is quality content or no and what is the rate of posting it.If I would finding the sponsors then I will make sure that I'm posting a post a day.Not only post,but a quality post that will increase the page views and directly the page impressions.

Ad position

The ad position matters a lot when you are finding a sponsors because a sponsor wants its ad to be placed at a position that is visible first.If you consider my suggestion it is better to set the ad position in the first half part or the part showing before scrolling the page.Usually the ad at the top of the pages gets more ad impressions as compare to the lower once.

Best Design Is The Popular Design

Well,not all but few sponsors do consider the design because in many cases the site doesn't load in old browsers and many times the ads do not show up because of bad site design.If you want better sponsors then,I do suggest to have a site with cross browsing while responsive.


The buysellads market place is a huge market where you can find uncountable good choices for advertisement but,those sites with better ranking stay at top.

Well,through the article one thought that is clear is that adsense and other advertising solutions sometimes doesn't need those requirements that buysellads like platform require.Anyhow,buysellads is a good platform to monetize your blog in a different way and indeed,more helpful.

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