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Blogger template editing stuff you must know

Blogger template editing stuff you must know
Blogger is one of the most using blogging platform,though it gives some extra than other.I mean that there are some helpful resources provided by Blogger we need to consider seriously ,while editing the Blogger template.Though,for many of this community don't want to edit but for instance if you need something you must know some of them.

Layouts Data Tags

Layout data tags are the short codes to define a element in Blogger.It is very helpful while editing template and calling new functions to get more excess on your template.The layout data tags is present on a big list that would definitely help you out.

Page Elements Tags for Layouts

A previous tutorial I had given of adding new sections to Blogger layout was taken from the Google help resource.Actually,I thought that it would better to give you the information you were really needing,but now I am giving the link of the whole article.

Widget Tags for Layouts

Now this one is also for the advance settings for Blogger.This one allows you to create widgets like posts from your own.Make sure that you study them carefully before make or creating your own template,because the professionals create the templates are web masters with a bunch of knowledge.Make sure that these tags are used in correct manor.These tags are described well in the Blogger resource.

Define Variables

The templates that are created for any organization or created for advance purposes must know about defining variable.The people don't want to edit the template by HTML editor must have a option to edit through template editor.It is possible by defining the variables,it is well described in this Blogger resource article.

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