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Blogs you must subscribe to get web-designing tips

Blogs you must subscribe to get web-designing tips

As I am a web-designer and always tweaking for the best tutorials,usually on blogs.I do subscribe some of the most best web-designers blogs.They have experience and knowledge of codings,and they love to share their knowledge.Possibly they may not be the best in the world,but they are inspiration for me.So let see.

Blogs you must subscribe to get web-designing tips


CSS-Tricks is one of the best blog I can say,the author of the blog is Chris.He is blogging since 2007 on CSS-tricks and I must say that his blog have uncountable articles,snippets,examples and videos to share.

Chris is working on Wufoo,Codepen and running a bunch of blogs,that seems to be a great achievement for any of the web-designer.For us its a great opportunity to learn what he got,and what are his opinion in the web-designing.He has spoken in lots of confrences and shared a too much on speeches.

I must say that you must subscribe to CSS-tricks.


Hongkiat is a giant tutorial resource,in the mean of Photoshop,web 2.0 or other digital stuff,it is a complete guide to workout.It works under a tons of contributor and authors which writes the content from the deep of their hearts and share what they got,the best.

Hongkiat most favourite stuff is the inspiration and freebies.I love to date with Photoshop,as a partime job and got me some hot brushes and some sexy fonts to work with.They gave me some outstanding inspirations that I didn't thought before and I did use them in some of the templates.


Blogs you must subscribe to get web-designing tips

Codrops is presented by Tympanus and must say that it is not only a resources but a huge designing playground to play.They got some fascinating sippets and lots of articles and tons of tutorials to work.Every tutorial describes a new limitations of Web-designing and creates a new start line.

I'm working and studing web-designing from about 3 years but still I'm a newbie,because its a huge web of scripts and you need some experts to teach you out,and abviously Codrops got two main hard workers behind it.


1st web-designer is a blog is a complete web-designing guide working under lots of writers and designers.The blog is full of coding,wordpress and other tutorials to work with.They got more than 120k followers all over and they can get more just if you subscribe them.

The blog is founded by Dainis Graveris,he has written more than 200 posts and still counting on 1st web-designer and there are lots of authors,with a lots of articles.

They have lot of subscribing options to subscribe.Recommend to follow.

My Blogger Tricks

My Blogger Tricks is working under a few authors,but posts are informative and I must say they got some hot and spicy Blogger tutorials and SEO tips to work with.They also got lots of subscribers,just because they have lots visitors and quality content.

My Blogger Tricks is founded by Muhammad Mustafa,a Pakistani Blogger and Web-designer and author of a bunch of blogs.He got some special skill to know and I must say that you should subscribe to this blog.

Blogger Ever

Yes obviously the blog you are reading.This is the bunch of knowledge I've shared through this blog,in the forms of tons of articles,just for you.Subscribing options are always open,go through it and subscribe.

Get all the posts get knock your doors.I do share the knowledge with heart just to give some knowledge.


All the sites above are not only my opinion but they are highly ranked by Alexa and Google,it means that they got a huge traffic and quality content.

If you want to show your blog link on this page then add in comments,because for this post the links are open and will not be removed.

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