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Change your Blogger template into a responsive design

Change your Blogger template into a responsive design

From today onwards I'm starting a series for responsive design and Inshallah after completion of this series you will definitely love to change your Blogger template into a responsive design to enhance the user experience.

Responsive Design

Change your Blogger template into a responsive design intro Current Post

Today I'm giving you some top tips before change the CSS for different screen sizes.Because there are some tips you must know.

There are several screen sizes for which you need to create different styles.There some common sizes for which you need to add the CSS.
  • 800px
  • 640px
  • 320px
These are three sizes usually covers all the tablets and handheld devices.For each of them you can create different styles for better UI.

Tips for responsive site

Navigate your users

Navigation for responsive site is as much important as for normal devices because in many cases the user wants to navigate itself but it can't.In coming tutorials of this series I will also teach how to change the pages widgets into dropdown on a specific screen size.
Usually to navigation the navigation menu is changed into drop down or bigger listings but it is better to make it dropdown because it do not acquire the space on screen.

Change your font size

For better responsive design try to make the font according to screen size because in normal screen of a laptop or a desktop we have bigger headings but in the case of the devices if we use the same font size then obviously the headings will takeover on screen.And for description make the font a bit small because no one wants to scroll again and again while reading.

Make them for touch devices too

In many cases the site is not optimized for touch devices because of that it is difficult to view the site whereas the non-touch users are freely using it.For touch try to make the navigation for prominent.

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