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Foursquare now let you check-in your friends

Foursquare now let you check-in your friends

Foursquare is an application available for Android and iOS.It helps user to find the nearest place like restaurant,hotel or any mall.Though I've shared this post under social media,though the reason is that the app got 35 million users worldwide and you can share where you were been and share places.But,check-in of friends is one of the most demanding feature according to Foursquare.So let see more about it!

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Check-in of friends means to actually mentions your friend in a post but with their permission.For e.g "I'm at Disney land - with John "

How it works

  • When you check in, you can tap “I’m with…” to add people you’re with. Choose your friends from the list.
  • Your friends will then get a notification asking for permission to let you check them in.
  • If they say yes, they’ll get checked in (and you’ll be able to check them in in the future; one approval and the feature is good to go). If they don’t want to be checked in, we’ll just ‘mention’ them as usual.
Foursquare now let you check-in your friends

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