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Tips while replacing your blog template

Tips while replacing your blog template

Every Blogger needs a refined template,changing in style again and again can loss your visitors.My recommend way to change blog template is to create demo blog and write and create whole script on separate blog.After completion copy whole script and replace with your current template.

But this is not the only deal,still people don't follow some of instructions that could be a nightmare for any Blogger,if its template is get disturbed.Today,I'm sharing my points on replacing template.

Take Care Of Advertising Banners

Advertising is one of the way of monetizing,if you are replacing the template then make sure that the script of banner do not get changed or removed because sometimes,specially in Blogger,it is observed that widgets are been destroyed while changing template.

If you are using advertising market then you must know that advertiser pays you full payment and if you will remove the banners,possibly you will find such problems,usually while finding sponsors.

Don't Miss The Template Basic Elements

Basic elements means listing or block quote or something else that you find relevant in mean of your needs while writing.If I share my experience then I use to have block quotes for writing codes or snippets on blog.As I need to customize them in a way that it looks like a piece of script.

Same way if you want to customize listing then,don't forget to do it.Customize headings according to your blog design and code them pretty,as best design is popular design.

Don't Kill Your Needs

Every blog is made for different purpose,sometimes for Photography,sometimes for sharing news or other purposes.If your blog suites magazine style then do not follow others.As the suitable design will be convenient for you as well as for readers.
If you have less content then you can refer to do full page posting home page,but if you have a lot of content to publish each day then you can use magazine or,if you want to create a diary like style for your blog ,then you can design according to the amount of typography your blog contains.

Make it responsive

Tips while replacing your blog template

Sometimes,designer replaces the blog but,after replacement he got to know that the template was not responsive.Responsive template helps you a lot as it helps to get more visitors,more visitors means more money.Don't miss any visitor because every visitor counts.

I've shared some of the tips of responsive design,not some but a whole series I had shared.


There are lots of mistakes we made while replacing template.If you find any of the point I missed then,our comments are always open for you.

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