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Why a company should have a blog

Why a company should have a blog

Blog is a branch of social media that helps to connect people but,is it really helpful for a professional organization? Actually there are many reason for what a company should start a blog with website,because website is the only online representation of that firm.So why a company should have a blog?


Every professional organization or company always got some hot news to share with their listeners and instead of Facebook,Twitter or other social networking tools,the company can refer to use blog.As blog got some powerful tools to share in more better way than other social tools.

Search Engine Visibility 

Blog posts increases the keywords for the specific site and creates or increase the visibility in search engines,as search engines consider the keywords.But,the post should be SEO optimized for better search ranking.

Monetizing Tool

Though,this point may not be a point by all professional firms but,if they got a blog then they can give ads in the sidebar and can earn way more than they do.If their blog visits are good then any blog can be monetize.As there are many solution present with us.

Increases Listeners/Followers

If the company is famous and have lots of fans then they can increase their followers by blog.Every post of blog describes more and more about the company and through other social media plugins they can obviously integrate their other social media feeds in their blog.


I refer to have a blog for a professional firm,as it is one of the way to enhance the company standards.
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