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Wordpress template that makes 1 million dollar

Wordpress template that makes 1 million dollar
Envato, a vast open source for buyers and sellers.A service of Envato name themeforest is know for best Wordpress,Blogger,tumblr and lots of site templates. Themefusion is a author or team of author got power elite status on themeforest. Power elite means that they sold stuff of 1 million dollar or more.So let see what were the reactions of Themefusion team.
After getting power elite status,Envato interviewed Themefusion team.Their were two people behind Themefusion.
  • Luke
  • Muhammad
In the interview with Luke,He said that he was inspired from the work of Muhammad,while Muhammad is a Pakistani Freelancer and later he had switched to Themeforest to showcase its Wordpress stuff.
Wordpress template that makes 1 million dollar
Luke and its family

Wordpress template that makes 1 million dollar
Mohammad's Photo
Luke and Muhammad start working together and created a template Avada,it is the only template they published,which done the sell of 1 million dollars and still counting.

In interview Luke said "It’s very hard to stop working sometimes. Before I know it, the entire day has gone by. When you love what you do and are committed to your work, you want to always be moving towards your goals."

Luke and Mohammad both had contacted and start creating Avada and on August 2012,the template was published.In less than a year they achieve a massive sale hits.It sounds too strange that two unknown person contacted and created a template and publish it,really it needs a real confidence and your full time to make something inspirational.

According to Luke,it is better to get inspiration,but copying it the same is not a deal.If you want to achieve something you need to work and think differently.
Wordpress template that makes 1 million dollar

It shows that if you want to do something,then keep on that and you can achieve that.If we talk about Avada,I can say it is a complete Wordpress template with tons and tons of different functions.

I use to tweak templates on Themeforest and I have an idea of a high class template.Avada is priced $45 which is a really less amount,because still there are multi purpose themes which got price of about $80.

Avada got more than 30 thousand sales and I give tribute to these two authors,as they worked too much hard and created something that other can't.
Credit:All images are taken from Envato and Themeforest.

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