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5 best UI designes for a new website

10 best UI designes for a new website

UI (User Interface) is a design,on which a site stands.Same like,some creative people had created some UI to workout with.I'm sharing some of my favourite UI packs pack,that could be usable on any new template.

So lets see what are some fascinating UI sets waiting for us.

Metro UI

10 best UI designes for a new website

Metro UI is a one of the most popular user interface used on web.As it is developed by Windows,though each and every element is designed carefully.Metro UI is used in Windows 8,and can be used anywhere.Its just depend on your creativity.

Metro UI uses a great combination of light and dark colours,using thin font with a dark colour.This deadly combination creates a sleek looking interface.

You can get Metro UI from,it is a resource to help you to create base CSS,elements like tables,buttons,icon,forms,typography,slider and a lot more.

Cobo UI ($6)

Cobo UI is developed by botaiusti.Cobo UI is a premium website designing kit,that can help to create a massive design.Not only UI kit,but your creativity depends a lot to make a website,because web-designer should not be only a code master but a creative person too.

If I would say more about Cobo UI then,I must say that it contains each and every element of a site.

Flat UI Pro ($39)

10 best UI designes for a new website

This is a UI pack designed by Designmodo.It is a premium pack,with PSD files. Designmodo is a web-designing and development magazine,that has helped me out is some confusing states,however they got a little pretty shop with some pretty stuff,like UI kits of websites and apps.

Flat UI got purchased by a lot of people and still it is a popular stuff,get it now and implement and make a site with a bunch of creativity.

Luminous UI Kit ($7)

10 best UI designes for a new website
Luminous is designed by ThemeWork,and published by Graphic River.It is a Envato service like themeforest.I refer Graphic River a best marketplace to purchase some amazing UI kits to workout.

I used many UI kits in my templates and I always get inspired by looking after Graphic River marketplace.

Square UI ($39)

10 best UI designes for a new website
It is a UI kit designed by Designmodo,once again design modo have a premium quality UI kit inn just $39.It is a really clean and flat design to create a site.The colours used in this UI kit is a light colour scheme,suits the UI elements very well.


Don't be depended only on these kits there are tons of premium UI kits are waithing on Graphic River for you.Each and every element kits describes a new limitation of creativity,that could be inserted through a website.

Got something more UI kits?Write in Comments please.

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