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5 online web apps can be used instead of Photoshop

5 online web apps can be used instead of Photoshop

Photoshop is what,everyone knows.I like to share tickles on Photoshop on this blog,because I think web-designer must know some basics of Photoshop,as it maybe require for its next web project.I've shared how to integrate Photoshop with blogging.But,what about if you want to give a bit touch or you do not want to work on Photoshop,then simply go one of these 5 web apps.


Pixlr has been gain a much popularity because of Pixlr Express,as a smart phone app and web app and Pixlr Editor as a advance web app,that could be a replacement in place of Photoshop.As I written Pixlr Express is a mobile app and a web app,this app can really help to do quick editing,either from phone or PC,it easy to use.

Whereas Pixlr Editor is a way more different thing to work with,it works like Photoshop.Photoshop like layers,effect,tools and user interface.The most amazing thing is that it is free,whereas Photoshop CC have a monthly price tag.


Nothing can take the place of Photoshop but,for a light touch ups and effect I think iPiccy is a tool every one finds.iPiccy provides a huge list of effects and photo manipulating tools that can help to create a personified picture.

iPiccy requires no registration and its free,you can add the chrome extension of it.iPiccy do provided some advance tools,that are provided in Photoshop and I think if you want to do light touch ups quickly and online then do give a try to iPiccy.

Luna Pic

Luna Pic,a free online editing app that obviously can't replaced by Photoshop,but the tools Luna Pic got can lead to a well manipulated picture.Luna Pic also got some quick editing tools that can do some basic editing and some ready made effect gives a new look to your picture,however it is not for advance editing.

I've already told that advance editing solution is nothing else but Photoshop,however this is a free,quick and useful tool.

Foto Flexer

Foto Flexer can give a retouch to your photo,it can do give some fascinating effects,as a quick tool and provides some more tools to manuplate your picture well.You can upload picture from many sources like your device you are using ,Flikr,Facebook etcetera.

Effects,animations,touch ups and a bunch of quick editing tools creates a well manipulated picture.A quick online app with some basic tools really helps.

Online Photo Editor

5 online web apps can be used instead of Photoshop

This also contain some quick tools as well as it contains some effects like monochrome,edge gray and many more effects to work with.These effects are not easily founds in an online app.You can add some gliter text,add some frames and some more editing options that can't take the place of Photoshop,but a quick solution for editing photos.


There is not any software or web app has been created yet that could be replaced with Photoshop,instead we have some online apps that provides some tools and effects that are ready to apply.While Photoshop is for advance users,as it have more advance editing tools and it have a heavy price tag,while these tools are totally free.

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