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5 tips to gain reputation on Stack Overflow

5 tips to gain reputation on Stack Overflow

Forums has played a visible role to answer or get answered in any concern.Stack Overflow is a forum,a web-designers place,where a lots of questions are been asked and many get answered,this is not only my opinion but have a Alexa worldwide ranking of 89 (till date).Working on a forum gives you a bunch of profit,in the form of knowledge,reputation,identification in community and lot more,not described.

However Stack Overflow is not a normal forum,if you question or answer any post,then the other user with some higher reputation can vote you,either up or down.Getting vote up increase reputation or down will decrease,if you get down votes in less reputation then your account can be banned so let see what are those tips you can try to increase reputation and to save your account.

Answer if you are sure

Answering on a post can either increase or decrease your reputation,think 100 times before answering on a post,because if the answer will be wrong,there are high chances to get down vote,so be wise.

Choose your best words before question

I was writing a question on forum and they gave me some tips to get better answer,in those tips they said that all questions are not get answer because either questions are asked too much or the question are not clear to the reader,so make sure if you ask any question,then it can also get a down vote or a vote up either;and every vote counts.

Try to display,what you got

If you are using Stack Overflow then you have seen 'look at this fiddle' or 'check this pen I'm working on'.Actually its nothing else but online tools that help you to display your codes.The tools I know are JS Fiddle or Codepen.Display of your content can make your script more clearly,because there are lots of newbies finding for correct snippet.

Be descriptive

Answering on a post is not only for the person you asked the question but for those who are coming after that,so write your answer with enough description that after coming visitors also get help because if your answer aren't complete then you can get down or less votes.

Do not add links

Adding too much links to advertise about a product or website is totally against their policy,adding too much links can ban your account forever.Make sure do add links but less and add links which help the user not just to advertise.

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