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How comments increases blog readership?

How comments increases blog readership?

Comments on a blog is an important and somehow a important part of a blog,not only to communicate to reader but to increase readership.Comments can increase your blog readership impressively,as you can get more visitors rate.

More visitors means more social fans and more money,these few tips may change your concept on comments.Therefore,lets get start.

I've already discussed many articles related to comments and commenting system.You can easily find it through our search bar.

Answer the comments

Answering a comment is an old strategy to get social with reader,but if a commentator ask a question,then answer it in a way that it would impress or give a link that belongs to your blog,this strategy will not only help that person but,will increase your views.After answering with a link,later commentators or readers might see the link and open it.This strategy works well and can increase your readers.

Sometime helping someone is a way to motivates the person towards yourself.Answering the reader will ultimately gives the profit to you,hence answer the questions.

Question the reader

This is a motivational way that motivates reader to comments,ask any question in the conclusion of the post,on which a reader comments.This commenting can motivate other readers to comment too.However,this might increase comments but this strategy also increase readers by the time.

I do not mean to ask so many questions,just to conclude any post write a question as think tank for the readers.Sometimes this question gives a reason to think on your blog,if the person has visited once might be it becomes your permanent visitor.

Motivate through widgets

Bloggers have a powerful tool called widgets,these widgets are inserted in blogs through script or ready made.Blogger and Wordpress and other blogging platforms has provided recent post widget.Beside that if you put most commented post or top commentator.Then,ultimately any visitor get motivated to watch that post or commentator to see what is happening.

This strategy make the reader to see many posts and comment on your blog to get the name in top commentators,as it is showing at homepage.Sometimes at most commenting post it is likely to seen that people visits more than other posts,therefore motivate to comment.

Make comments user friendly

User friendly commenting system refers to a comment box that shows below every post,no need to refresh or redirect page.The commenting box should be threaded,means reader can reply other readers.Many times it is observed that reader do not finds the comment box and leaves the blog,therefore make the commenting system user friendly,but do not make it spam friendly,it might decrease your readership.

I've observed that reply button sometimes lead to a vast discussion and motivate the readers to participate in discussion,as sometimes the discussions goes longer.Therefore,I suggest to use a threaded but a anti spam commenting system.

User friendly commenting system should be responsive so the user can comment through small screen devices.If you are using a mobile application then I suggest to use Disqus commenting system,as it can be embedded in many blogging platforms as well as in mobile application through script.

Elevate the discussion

Content is king,that what everyone knows,but if you make a content in a manor that people love to comment and discuss on the topic,then not only reader but the visitor who reads some comments maybe motivated to participate in discussion and might visit your blog again and again,this strategy not works all time but it can really gives push to your readership.


Readership is a proof of any blog,if you more readers your blog will ultimately comes with colours.Comments has played an vital role to in many cases in blogging and to increase readership,I must suggest to use the tips but make sure that say no to spam.

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