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How to attract people with your social profiles for more likes and follows?

How to attract people with your social profiles for more likes and follows?

Social media is a huge bond between trillions of users,not only for communications but social media is now a popular way to increase blog ranking and increase visitors.

In this post I'm going to share tips on 3 major social networking sites that are Google plus,Twitter and Facebook.

Social media profile depends a lot on your social media profile picture and other social media tools.These features include cover pages,background in twitter and facebook custom pages.So lets begin,

Firstly,you must aware about the social media account feature and usage,because ultimately if you will utilize it in a proper manor,the more convenience you will feel.


Facebook is a social networking site with about 1 trillion daily visitors,it is the world's most visited site.Facebook is not developed only for normal goosip but for a real business.

If you want to integrate with your site or blog then you need to create a page,a Facebook page have different attractive elements to attract any visitor with your content.

Facebook Cover

After the release of Timeline profiles in Facebook,cover becomes the most visible element for a profile visitor,hence create your timeline cover as more attractive as you can.

Facebook timeline cover should be made in a manor that it represents your site or blog motive and should be enough attractive to attract 1 out of 3 visitors at least.

Profile Picture

Profile picture shows every time a post is made,so make sure that profile picture clicks easily.It is better to make profile picture a logo of your blog or site.As I told you it is shown every time a post is posted so it will give your blog feel to a visitor.

Profile picture is not only for posts but it represents your Facebook page,when someone share your page then the most visible element is profile picture,make sure that it is well created.

Custom Pages

Facebook custom pages is the most editable stuff you got in Facebook,it is the most different feature Facebook has provided yet.This custom page is created by web designing languages,it could be look simple or it could be too much creative.
This custom page totally depends on your creativity and the hands on markup languages.


Twitter is a micro blogging site with over 340 million tweets per day and more than 1.6 billion search queries.Twitter profile can also be made attractive with its specific elements that are background of the profile,profile picture and the back cover of the profile picture.

Page Background

Twitter page background is the most visible element a profile visitor looks,it covers the whole web page and you can add your own image their.It could any,either stretched,tiled or fixed.

It is recommended that if you are using stretched than you must create a image with high resolution and should be high quality,otherwise it will not look good and ultimately it will give you that much followers as much you want.

If you are using tile than make sure that image is created in a manor that there is gapes in in,otherwise tiles will come too closer.

Profile Picture

As I told above,profile picture is the seen every time a tweet is tweeted,therefore create a profile picture of a logo of your site or blog or create something that represents your site.As profile picture have small size so do not create a image which is big enough that it is not clearly seen in that small box.

Back cover

Back cover is like a timeline cover,but a bit smaller.This cover is also a important element to describe more about your blog.

It is better to set a image that represent the motive of the blog,it should not be complex and simple enough that a visitor get instant click of your blog.

Google Plus

Google plus is the social networking site by Google.I'm not describing too much about it as it containa profile picture and a big cover.Make sure that are also describe about your blog or website.

But let me tell you that Google Plus profiles can represent each and every thing about your site or blog,as user can write much about on it.So please write more and more and be descriptive about your buisness.

Don'ts you must know

  • Do not create complex profile pictures that are not recognized by user in one look.
  • Covers have big sizes,show that you are creative.
  • Twitter backgrounds are bit complex and most visible elements indeed.So make sure that they are well created,to get help get some inspirations from other profiles.
  • Google plus covers are as big as 1353px by 770px.So do not create it small and hide your creativity.
  • In all the these tree social profiles,profile pictures are at font of covers.So make sure that nothing hide behind these pictures.
  • Do not add complex links in covers,no one access them.
  • Add Twitter background of the colour scheme,that is do not hide the front text.


The conclusion I can made is be creative,and create a social profile that represents your site.Do not make it too comples

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