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How to place your ads and price them correctly in buysellads?

How to place your ads and price them correctly in buysellads?

Buysellads is a advertising marketing site,I've shared a few points on it on a article before,but this one is going to be very helpful.As Buysellads approval is bit harder stage to complete,however not for all.

Buysellads do approve those sites,having 50k + visitors per month and have a huge social circle around different social networks.If you get approved,simply follow these points and you can earn best out of your blog.

Do survey

How to place your ads and price them correctly in buysellads?
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Formerly,it is better to look around the web and check those blogs which have similar topics as you,check them according to their web stats like visitors and rankings.Check what advertising price they are offering and what are their suitable places they are offering.

After having survey,make a whole mind map.This survey will let now the best price for the best place for your site.

Place it correctly

How to place your ads and price them correctly in buysellads?
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Placement depends a lot,as more better place you will add the banners,the more advertisers will knock the doors.Therefore choose the advertising site correctly.Well,the recommended places to place ad is header and all the places where visitors can see the ads without scroll.

Placing the right banner at right side,will obviously vary your advertiser.Mostly big banners at top places get more importance.Try to add a banner of 468px x 60px or 729px x 90px on your header,which are recommended options.Sidebar banners depends on the width of the sidebar,if you have a bigger width then try to add two banners side by side,will increase your revenue or if you have a normal size sidebar then add a full length banner for more visibility.

Offer different sizes

Offer different sizes because there are lots of different sizes available on buysellads,the more options the advertiser gets,the more he will be convenient with your blog

Avoid to add the banners on footer,as less visitors look at it.Each placement gets different amount of impressions,the more impression,the more advertiser.

Price them correctly

How to place your ads and price them correctly in buysellads?
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Pricing of any banner will set out your income.Buysellads do not price it themselves,they gave this responsibility to your shoulders which is a bit difficult work.According to me look at the mind map you created before.Check out the other competitors,compare your visitors,compare your banner placement and your rankings.
If you price it too high then it is less possibilities to get advertisers and if priced it too low then your blog comparison will be decreases and your income will not be that much.Make sure that the prices are set correctly.

Do not change the decision

Either placement or prices are changed after settings then your advertisers will get lost.If you increase the prices frequently,then your advertisers will not again knock you blog,they will get more better options around.If you change the placement,then the same problem will be clicked,do not change your decision frequently.

You have to also make sure that prices are priced according to banner size,if you have a big banner then mostly they get more impression than others while small banners do not get that much.

In any case if you think that your design is too old then before replacing template make sure that your banners get safe,as advertisers don't get angry.
After a long time if you think that prices should be increased,as your visitors rate is increased then make sure that prices are not out of the box,they should be around the previous rates.

Be patience

If you think that your prices are priced correctly and your placement is correct.Then wait for the advertisers,it is not as easy as it seems to.The advertisers do not change their publishers until they get better options,so be patience until a advertiser do not look at you,if you get a advertiser then it possible that he will give you advertisings for next periods,until he get more better publisher.

Therefore follow the instructions,build a strong bond between you and advertiser,will ultimately give profit to you.Good Luck

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