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More new apps, that is why I love HootSuite

More new apps, that is why I love HootSuite

Hootsuite is a social networking app management app,that could be access on web,browser extension or through mobile application.Hootsuite has provided tons of apps to manage your social networking easily,through the access to only one account.Indeed,they haven't provided Pinterest in their app directory,but there are 4 new apps added in recently,so let check them out.

However all apps are not free but about 85% applications of different social media accounts are available for free.As I said there is an additions of 4 apps,so lets see what are those apps.

1. YouTube Analytics

This one is premium app.Get an edge over your competitors with YouTube Analytics for HootSuite. Gain immediate access to key statistics on your videos and audiences to become smarter and more strategic with the videos you produce. Try it free for your first 2 days!

2. SurveyMonkey

Free for all HootSuite users, SurveyMonkey lets you access your surveys in HootSuite streams for analysis and quick and easy social distribution. Gather feedback you can use to build your social presence and learn more about your audience.

3. Vidyard

Use this free, simple tool to track the performance of your Vidyard campaigns right from your HootSuite dashboard. See which channels are driving high traffic, and how users are engaging with each of your videos. Start measuring the impact and ROI of your video content efforts today.

4. HootSuite Syndicator

See and manage your RSS feeds from your HootSuite dashboard. Pluck articles off of websites and quickly share them with your colleagues and clients through social media channels.


This new addition of four new apps increased the directory of Hoosuite apps upto 61 apps,and this portability in managing social accounts make me love to Hootsuite. 

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