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Tips to create a themeforest class template to get approved

Tips to create a themeforest class template to get approved

Themeforest is the biggest marketplace,as I've already described too much about it.First,to get the author status in Themeforest,you must pass a MCQ test to get authorship.Then not only a template but all the documentation of the template you have to submit,but it could be rejected.

In this post I'm going to share how to design a Themeforest class template with some examples.So let see what are my points on it.

Take Inspiration

There are more than 10k templates available on Themeforest (till date) and many of them are featured till now.If you check the homepage of it,you will find the weekly featured stuff posted their.These templates are not only for sale but,a true inspiration for newbies like us.

Selling of template is not a big deal,but the sales of templates depends.The more better you design,the more people love it.Your template should be a high class,so that not only sales but good comments and ratings should be owned.

Before proceeding to create a template make sure that you watch out some blog templates if you are interested in blog or check out tons of site templates to workout.The best example in Avada that I'd shared about in a previous post.These templates are not created by non-humans but,personified and creative web-designers.Take inspiration and go through it.

Create Something Solid

Themeforest templates should designed in a way that elements are not laying in templates but,should be a well defined and well designed.Make sure that they are SEO optimized and have less loading time.

Using of slider is not a bad deal,but make sure that they are designed well,and I do recommend to use slider because in latest templates,slider is a essential component.Use of Drop-down menus,accordion,carousel,testimonial slider,buttons and other useful stuff can lead to a better template.make sure that these elements must be designed according to template UI.

Create Different

Tips to create a themeforest class template to get approved

Taking of inspiration is different and copying is totally unlike. I've suggested to take inspiration,not to copy the same stuff but to create a better and unique stuff.Not for buyers but Themeforest do not approve those items which are already been designed by many users.

Be a creative designer,if you have any problem while designing then first you create a template in Photoshop then start scripting on it.Be calm while scripting,do not go fast for submitting,make sure that the design you want is really ready or no.If NO then take your time and complete you template first,because the more hurry you do,the more templates get rejected by them.

Use Proper Documentation

Template complete? Not yet,you need to create documents before submitting.If your template need to edit by user then every instruction should be given,your template must be licensed,which is GPL license and it is a need of Themeforest reviewer.

For complete license requirements you can read this article.

Never Give up

If your template get rejected then do not give up,because there are many template of mine are also rejected and I'm doing my best.Notice the reviewer comments that were e-mailed to you and create something different.

Maybe there are better opportunities are waiting for you,be positive and give your best.


Possibly after reading this article and implementations you can find,what are you looking for,and if I missed something,then you can mention in comments.


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