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Top 10 celebrities websites for inspiration

Top 10 celebrities websites for inspiration

I've didn't google all these sites but,the celebrities I follows got some fascinating stuff to show and obviously website is an inline representation and a way to either sell their products (like songs in singers) or to share some content with their fans.However,many celebs won't do this but in this age of technology it is difficult not to create a website,even when you are a celeb so lets take a look at a few fascinating and sizzling webs. I haven't ranked them but showing randomly.

Lady Gaga

Top 10 celebrities websites for inspiration
However,Lady Gaga is famous for its different fashionable clothes and freaking videos but a bit colour of its creativeness is visible on its website.The website have a entry page with her new music video and after entering into site the news feed shows on right,which is open by a single click,means no loading and it really looks good.


Top 10 celebrities websites for inspiration

Pitbull,a latin rapper known for its party styles,however his website shows its passion to music very well.His website have upper part with his new release and navigation options,while on the down there are videos and his latest news.He also have a blog on tumblr which also looks impressive and reflects his personality.I use to read his article to get to know about his upcoming release.

Taylor Swift

Top 10 celebrities websites for inspiration

Taylor Swift,a good looking actress and singer working on her best now a days.Her website is full of creativity and really a good example to get inspired.Her site having a big slideshow header,with navigation while below that her blog's feed,her personal sharing stuff,latest tour dates and a bunch of her content.Her site is responsive and inspiration for others.

Justin Bieber

Top 10 celebrities websites for inspiration

This young and one of the most popular singer of this young generation,Justin Bieber.He got enough money to buy his own music empire,as he got so much so he has spend some of his bucks on his website,which really looks good.A a full screen background with a sliding sidebar that contains latest news feed of him.


Özil is a football player in Real Madrid.He is a old player of this club and still one of the best player in the club.This Muslim Footballer has created his webpage with an impressive and latest scripting languages.His website is a fan club for its fan while an fascinating inspiration for web-designers.

Adam Lambert

Top 10 celebrities websites for inspiration

Adam Lambert,a talented singer with some of his famous songs,with his songs his website looks amazing.His website is not just a website but contains community,news feed,music,videos,events and store.All these features complete its website,where as design makes his site super complete.

Tom Cruise

Top 10 celebrities websites for inspiration

An amazing Hollywood actor,known in most paid actor,when he get paid,possibly he has spend some in his website,which looks as good as his personality.Not only his acting but his website also describe too much about him.Possibly a fan of him must want to know about it,but web-designers mean to its design.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Top 10 celebrities websites for inspiration

He is the smartest and most paid actor of 2013,and why not as he is a talented star in Hollywood.He got a website just like an inspiration for newbies of the web-designing that how to create master piece like these one.The website is divided into many column and created using advance scripting languages to make sure the best.Must take a look.

Brad Pitt

Top 10 celebrities websites for inspiration

Brad Pitt fans has created lots of sites from his name but according to a source this is the original website of him.Brad Pitt website also looks good like him,must check.

Christina Aguilera

Top 10 celebrities websites for inspiration

Christina Aguilera is on of my favorite female singers and will be the judge of Voice Season 5.Like her songs her website seems too much beautiful with light colour scheme and amazing UI.The site having her latest tweets and news feeds while community,music and some more stuff increase the beauty.


Creativity do not have any limit,these inspirations are found by me maybe their maybe more like these.Take a look,grab an idea and make something eye catchy.

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