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Typography tips for better blog design and user interface

Typography tips for better blog design and user interface

Typography is an art of written content.Typography is the most important part of any blog,specially in the case of design.Blog design depends too much on typography,because a blog contains content in the form of typography and a better typography will shows the content in a more sensational manor.

Since,a long blogging period has been gone and I got some typography tips to explode,so what are those.

Use the text visible in different screen sizes.

The responsive templates have a lots of elements to change but,sometimes we forget to change the font size because of that the mobiles or tablet users get problems.They look at big fonts and say 'oh my god',and according to me I don't want these replies from my readers.To enhance the user experience make sure the site is responsive as well as font is adjusted in all screen sizes.

Use the font colour visible in the background

I've observed in some lower graded templates that the background has been used is light and font is also a light colour,it is a massive problem for any reader and because of that the reader can leave the blog,and may not return.If I talk about myself than I must say that every visit counts.

Therefore,use the dark colours on light background or light colours on dark backgrounds.

Usage of bold and italic style in highlighting areas can increase user experience

Bold and italic are the font styles,available in almost every blogging platform.Some bloggers leave them and do not even use them,sometimes they are too much useful.If you want to highlight any line in a freaking big article,then I recommend to use italic or bold to make the reader more clear about topic.

It is came to know that serif fonts are easy to read

Typography tips for better blog design and user interface

In my previous article I'd shared about this issue,that serif fonts are easy to read.Actually,serif fonts are those who got lines at the end of the alphabets.

Make the difference between headings and paragraphs

Headings and paragraphs are two different elements in typography.Headings are ave bigger font size,mostly bold and have bigger font size,whereas paragraphs have small fonts.If you mixe these moth elements your readers will find difficulty to read.

Use of colours like red in warnings could be user friendly

Authors sometimes need to highlight any warning or not or something important,that could be an important point to note out,then the author must use colour fonts to make the user understand.Not only for user but,these types of typography changes can increase site user interface.

Using of underline is better than using of borders

Underlines are default style of links,where we use borders instead of underline,sometimes it looks good,but sometimes it came to observe that lnks in text or images creates problems while display in post.

Am I missed something,please mention in comments.

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