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Why Disqus is a 5 star rated commenting system?

Why Disqus is a 5 star rated commenting system?

Disqus is a best rated commenting system,by me.As we use Disqus,I know well that Disqus have some amazing commenting features that others didn't provided yet.I'm using Blogger,as a platform and the comment box they provided is customizable but,not well defined or organized.

As I rated it 5 star,though I got some solid reasons to prove it,possibly after reading this post many of readers may change their commenting system.

Say no to SPAM

The commentators,which comments are rated as spam,the Disqus auto detects words which are spam words according to their dictionary,however,if you want to add more words,you can add in black list of Disqus.

Disqus categorize them different,and let make the decision to moderator to handle the comment it self.It says no to spam,which is a aim of every successful blogger to maintain its readership,and comments are best way to create communication between reader and the author.

Beside that if you want to block any user,that is continuously using spam words and disturbing blog's maintenance,then simply block the commentator.

Let you make money through comments

I've already described about it in my article.Hence,now I'm giving a brief summary on it.
Why Disqus is a 5 star rated commenting system?
Screenshot of related articles and advertising,given by Disqus.
Disqus got a fascinating feature,called Discovery.Discovery let you add related articles and advertising links with your comment box.This feature uses PPC and give your payment through Paypal.


Behind making a responsive commenting system,Disqus adapt it self according to the container it is.Mostly in handheld devices the comment text become bigger and sometimes look unusual,but not in case of Disqus.It changes its width when it opened in small screen size.
Why Disqus is a 5 star rated commenting system?
In fact,it doesn't hides related articles and discovery ads from comment box.It means readers can comment on the go.

Vast coverage

Though I'm using Blogger.But,Disqus works with major blogging platforms and can be added through Javascript.It provides a good quality admin dashboard to moderate comments and edit your settings.If you have changed template and Disqus has been removed,then there is not a problem at all,again install it and your comments will not be deleted.

It also provides Javascript for adding comment box,therefore it could be added in smartphone apps.It is the biggest hit a commenting system can do.In this modern age,every professional blog have a smartphone app,therefore do not need to harsh because Disqus the solution.

If you are using your platform from a long time with any old comment box,and now you want to shift,then just install the Disqus and import your comments.After importing all comments will be shown in their particular post.

Let you create your own forum

Disqus have a premium feature,called SSO (single sign-on).This feature let your readers to sign up for your site and comment through that specific account.This feature can let you create a community and can help you to generate a more loyal readership from readers.

Why is better to create community?

Community is a group of people,discuss on any issue.Creating of community helps to pass knowledge and create a communication line between users,readers and authors.It is a powerful weapon on the internet to get knowledge and to create communication with the people of the same community.

Lifted the discussions well

Discussion need to be hot,so they can lifted to the peak and Disqus did what they said.Disqus commentators can add images in their comments and can mention other people like we do in Twitter or other social networking sites.

It lets the commentators to like or dislike other comments which eventually helps to take the best opinion.Not only like but helps to share comments through social media tools to make your site more socialize,not only with your blog but with readers too.

Safe,secure and SEO friendly

Disqus is a commenting system which loads when a user scroll down,it means no delay of time.Disqus is a complex stuff and to make it secure a big Disqus staff is present to let us help and they always try to make Disqus more evolutionary,to elevate discussions.
Beside that it is SEO friendly and Disqus uses high end security certificates to make sure maximum security for users profile.Hence that is why I rated it 5 star.


Disqus,really elevated the limits of comments and lifted the Discussions very well,they have a lots of features some are described in this post and still many are behind the scene.The Disqus team always working hard to make Disqus more powerful tools of comment.

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