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2 best tools for a web-designing student for sharing scripts

2 Best tools for a web-designing student for sharing scripts

Since,the use of cloud technology,the collaboration and sharing is an important array we find to get best out of a team work.Working in a team gives more stability to a project and importantly when it is a commercial purpose.Possibly these tools may help you to share files and script with your colleague.

Dreamweaver CC

Dreamweaver is a old program developed by Adobe,however the latest update got by Dreamweaver that is a place in creative cloud.Dreamweaver CC is the tool in which we can write our scripts with some advance options and importantly we can share them through with our friends with cloud storage service.

The charges applies on monthly or yearly bases and there are some discount for students,isn't it a good tool to work with.

Codepen Pro

Best tools for a web-designing student for sharing scripts

Codepen is a online free tool but,Codepen Pro is the premium version that allows sharing and collaboration.It means that bigger and complex project will be holding by more than one person that will give more efficient result.Not only this but you can also display your scripts in a customized manor on your blog or website using Codepen Pro (available in free version too).

Other features of Codepen pro

Auto Updating Previews
See the results of your code on multiple computers or devices as-you-type. Great for mobile testing or if you prefer having a full-page preview to watch as you work.

If those other devices can receive text messages, you can send over the live URL directly from the editor just by entering the phone number. Works anywhere in the world!

Easily Upload Files to Work With
Need to use an image in a Pen? No more awkwardly finding alternate hosting for it, you can drag-and-drop it right onto CodePen and we'll host it for you.

And it doesn't have to be just images. It could be CSS, JavaScript, a PDF you want to link up, a short movie file, some JSON to request, really anything!

Teach a Classroom of Students
Have students watch you work in real time! Every key press and click is shown live. Better than video - the students can interact with the code, see it live rendering, and participate in group chat.

Students can even pause and play around with the code, and then catch back up to you with a single click.

Keep Your Work Secret
Mark your in-progress work as Private, so nobody can see your Pens until you want them to. Or, use a secret shareable URL to share it only with people you choose.

Private pens are unlicenced, so you may apply your own before sharing so that you retain full ownership.

Debug Real Projects
It’s often nice to link up CSS or JS from elsewhere to debug or to build from. If you need more than one you’ll need to be Pro.

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