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5 ways to promote your blog through social media

5 ways to promote your blog through social media
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Social media is the most using online source we have.Every blogger wants high rate of followers on social media accounts as they are helpful to promote the content to a vast public.I've got some best ways to promote your content to more than 1 billion people behind the scene so have a look on them.

Upload video

Videos are the ways we miss while blogging whereas gaining of visitors through video is a older method.If you use to blog on a educational topic then you can show your point of view in a form of video or photo essay,however it will take a bit time but obviously there is about 4 billion in which 1 billion (25%) are accessing from smart devices.

Things you must know while creating a video

  • Add a intro having your logo blog title and a link.
  • Be descriptive while writing the description on the video that show below video.
  • Add blog link and helpful resources in description.
  • Select the common words related to video you are uploading,as it will be more be more visible in search.
  • Do add your social accounts and greetings in the end of the video.
  • Do not turn off the sharing,commenting or rating options.

Creating application

Creating of a application is a bit difficult and time taking work but,in the case of the success of application on Facebook obviously your blog will be spread to a vast public as Facebook daily views now reaches about 1 trillion so make sure that you must create something represents your blog and should be helpful for the user.

Things must know while creating application

  • Application should represents your blog.
  • Add sharing options to it.
  • Add some contact information and description.
  • Add your blog link and title on the top.

Creation of page

Creation of page is the most common way we do use now,as it is more easy,reliable and efficient.Creation of page is available in almost all the common social media account we use,or it could be with other name either.As it is easy but you must know some tips while creation of page as listed below.

Things you must while creation of page

  • Add profile picture that represents your blog,it could logo.
  • Add cover (if available) represents your blog and show your creativity there.
  • Be descriptive and add description in your page about your blog and author (if available).
  • Do not add complex links in cover or profile pictures,no one access them.

Share Other Content

5 ways to promote your blog through social media
People using social media not only want to see your content but want some amazing stuff,hence do not only share your content,but do share some more helpful content from third person.It could be from any other page or web link.

Things you must consider

  • Share the content while help others.
  • Share the content related to your page.
  • Not only links,but it could be other post or video.

Integrate Social Plugins with your blog

Integration of social plugins like like box and follow buttons,but do not forget to add sharing plugins like plus 1,tweet and like.If you think that your content is good enough that people will share,then do add social sharing buttons.Highly shareable content mostly have higher visiting rates.But follow the below points.

Points you must consider

  • Add buttons in the post where it is visible.
  • Try to post high shareable content.
  • There are lots of social media solution,so please do not add only Facebook or Twitter try to add some major social media sharing buttons.

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