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Best practices for newbie web-designer

Best practices for newbie web-designer

Newbies sometimes get confused what,where,from and a lot more question hit your mind but I got some practices that could change a intermediate to a basic designer.These practices doesn't mean that you will be become the professional because it takes too much than these but however after completion of these practices you can say "I can code".

Online learning sites

The site I refer is w3schools which is the best online resource a newbie can find,it covers all major basics of markup and server languages and could be helpful for any newbie in order to strong its basic.It provides basic knowledge,resources and quiz competition to check yourself.If you think that you have learnt any language basic then you can also get certificate by w3schools by using some bucks.It not only teaches but it also contain editor to edit code and see the result by the time.

Not only w3schools but there are many learning site which provides quality tutorial and teaches best,so never stay away from these stuff.

Do not forget the blogs

Blogs are those resources which are running by some of the best web-designers we know and it is an opportunity to get their point of view and their tips to get more.However,they provide advance tutorials,but they were newbie first and then they become professional so try searching articles that compete your query.

They not only share the tutorials but share some extra points which are experienced by them in the carrier of their web-designing.

I've shared some of the blogs you must subscribe as a web-designer which clearly highlight some of the best (& my favourite) designer's blog.

Code and try

There are some editor available that includes Codepen and Jsfiddle.Create your account and always try to code what you learn,because coding is to change your imagination in to real and obviously if you will code your practices then you will never forget and you can test yourself,where you are?

Before creating a website you must create some snippets,so editors are best source to write a code,if your think that you can do it in offline mode then try notepad as your tool.

Try forums

Forums is the way that I recommend the most as many professional and newbies gather on them to share their codes and point of view.The forum I refer is Stack Overflow which is all about web-design and development.

Ask question,if someone likes your question will give you vote up and if not then down vote.If you know any answer then answer on other questions and if someone agree with you will give you vote up and if not then vote down.The more reputation you will have on forums,the more people will be satisfy with your opinion.

A message for newbies

Learn it,practice it and code it pretty.

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