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Create a simple pricing table using CSS

Create a simple pricing table using CSS

Pricing table are elements mostly found in the commercial websites that provides premium services,and to distinguish between their plans,they use this pricing table.
Well,to code them pretty according to site design you must know the basic structure on how to create a pricing table.So lets have a look below.
See the Pen Pricing Table by Mohammad Hamza Dhamiya (@mohammadhamza) on /87CodePen
Creating of pricing table is not a big deal,specially when your CSS basic are well build.I've created this pricing table with highlight of Professional plan.

The only purpose to show in the pen is to give an idea on how to give a structure to it.But make sure that you follow the steps below.

Steps to perform

  1. Create a outer container with a class pricing-table.
  2. Then create 3 columns with different classes and a similar class in them.
  3. Add the inner details with different classes to customize each of them differently.
  4. Adding of different transitions may lead to a better table.

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