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Tips to get more answers in Stack Overflow

Tips to get more answers in Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a forum for designers,having a high Alexa and Google Rank that gives a better position to it in search rankings that is the result that while finding for a query related to scripts,gets many search results linked to Overflow Stack.It is better to have a reputation on Stack Overflow to get more features and to get a prominent image on forum.
Formerly,gaining of reputation on a profile of Stack Overflow helps to much to get better answers.I've shared a post that contain tips to gain more reputation.However,the format and way of asking question depends too much even your question is right or wrong.

Use simple language

Using of simple language on internet is the only way to pass your message to audience either in a blog post or a forum question.If your English has a strong base then it doesn't make sense that everyone can catch that.Hence,do use simple English to describe words and it is a fact that in search engines no one writes complex words.The more your question will be visible in search engine,the more answers you will find in your questions.

Make a sense

Describing a code in your words is not always easy that is the reason that people use to comment that "Can you describe more about it?".So,do describe your problem by providing any image or by choosing better words for your question.Even if your question is right,but if your description is not understandable then either no one can answer or your question get down vote.

Provide a demo

This is the method of describing your code in an other way.If you want to show a piece of code in action then it is not possible on Stack Overflow but using of JSfiddle and Codepen is the solution for it.Write a pen or a fiddle that describes your problem and give a link in the question.The visitor who wants to answer might get better concept of your question by this fiddle and in return might provide a strong answer.

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