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Try these tips to get more sells on your template on Themeforest

Try these tips to get more sells on your template on Themeforest

As Themeforest is the best marketplace either for buyer or seller to look for a web template,it could be PSD,HTML,Bootstrap,Wordpress,Blogger,Tumblr etcetera.If you do create a Themeforest class template and it get approval on market,then it depends on you that how you deal with buyers,it can either increase or can decrease your sell of template.Therefore,have a look at the tips below to get better rate of buyers.

Stay Connected

If the buyer want some editing help or want to ask query related to your template then definitely the men will contact you either e-mail or in comments.Do reply them and clear their concerns otherwise they can give your a down rate and might later buyers can change their mind even your template is out of world.

Create your followers group

Increasing of followers in Themeforest,it could be done by promoting yourself by blog or your social media accounts.Every template of yours get publish on Themeforest will sent a notification to all your followers it means that your template is advertise to those who loves your template,probably it might vary your buyers rate.

Update it! 

If many buyers contact and comment on a same query then,do give time to your template and update it for upcoming buyers because the more updates you will do possibly later it might get featured or possibly increase your buyers rating,and every buyers count.

Advertise it!

There are two means of advertising,first is promotional and second is marketing.Promotional is to publish to your blog and post on your social networking accounts to promote more to the audience.While marketing is to pay to advertising agencies to promote your template to a targeted audience only.Both of them works fine just depends on you that how much followers/fans you have on your blog/social media accounts.

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