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Why it is better to use Tumblr instead of Blogger?

Why it is better to use Tumblr instead of Blogger?

Tumblr is now currently under the Yahoo! and Blogger is a service of Google.However,they both are have tons of users,but still in some cases Tumblr is way more better than the Blogger.Tumblr is currently used by some celebrities that include Pitbull blog.So lets see what makes difference between them.

Ease of use

Blogger is easy to use but still if a newbie wants to upload a video from a code (iframe),then it is difficult for a newbie to do that,where as revert case with Tumblr,if a newbie wants to upload a video then the person can add URL or source code of that video that is provided by many video hosting sites (includes Youtube,Vimeo,Daily Motion etc.) and even you can upload a video to your blog.Same goes with Audio files.

Not just the ease of posting,but the ease of customization and hands on blogging,Tumblr provided some customization and editing stuff that Blogger do not provide.This Tumblr APIs (Application Program Interface) is not only good for bloggers but for web-designers who design the Tumblr templates.


Since,Tumblr is a useful blogging platform,you will not find difficulty to get some amazing Tumblr templates to workout,as Tumblr,Themeforest and many web-designers give out some premium as well as free template for us.Each template is highly editable than the Blogger Template,as Blogger APIs do not support such features.

The templates provided by Blogger is the only template with changeable width,however,premium Blogger templates support the change of Colour and Font only,by defining variable.Whereas,Tumblr templates have much more editable content in it.

Post & Page Templates

Blogger didn't provided any posting template,but Tumblr provided 7 different post templates for the ease of use.That are text,Photo,Quote,Link,Chat,Audio and Video.The text template support images,text-decoration, listing, Read More Break ,plain text ,as well as HTML.Where as in Blogger we do not have much choices to choose with.

User can create a page in Tumblr with different page templates,mostly premium templates have more page templates to work with different kind of stuff.But,still Blogger is handicapped with the extreme feature of page templates.


Blogger is a good blogging platform,but still many other fascinating choice are their,with some amazing new features and ease of use.

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