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10 top Android apps to manage your social media accounts

10 top Android apps to manage your social media accounts

Formerly,let me describe what is Social Media? Actually social media is way to interact with people.It is divided into several branches,that is social networking,social bookmarking,blogging,micro-blogging,multimedia,social knowledge,podcast,online rating and geo-location.Lots of social media branches,means lots of access to different social platforms,so lets have a look on top 10 social media apps available on Play Store.


Blogger is the one of the social media lies in blogging branch,comes with some amazing features including an Android app.The app let you create a draft or to publish draft.Blogger is developed by Google which is a top developer on Play Store,however the rating of this app is a bit low that is 3.5 because of its less features.But,we can hove for better updates in future in order to maintain our blogs,running on Blogger from our smart phones.


Wordpress is the most powerful and most using content manager on the planet because,Wordpress provides more functionalities than others.As it helps to create a blog,then it lies under blogging.It provides a mobile app,that helps you to create post or publish a pre-made draft.This smart app let you check the stats and edit the page content.Including comments moderation and a lot more features with it.Its rating is 4,that is a good rating.Hence,download it now.


Facebook lies under social networking and is the most visited site in the world.Facebook has about 1 billion users and about 1 trillion daily page hits.Although,it has a large audience,to make it more portable to use the Facebook has launched a Facebook app on Play Sotre with current downloads of 500,000,000+ downloads with 3.7 rating.Create a post,check news feed,change settings and do whatever you do to connect your lovng ones with Facebook.


Twitter lies under micro-blogging,with amazing SMS like user interface.It provided an amazing app for Android users,with current download stats of between 100,000,000 - 500,000,000 and rating of 4.Twitter is one of the most using social media tool nowa days as its SMS like user interface and mobile application make it more fascinating stuff to use.Now tweet on the go,


Pinterest,a photo sharing site known for its amazing features of photo-sharing includes Android app. Recently,Pinterest has done many improvement in their application to make it more user friendly.After the launch of this photo-sharing site,it was get popular quiet soon,anyhow its android app has current installs beween 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 and rating of 4.7,which is quiet excellent.


Youtube,the most popular video sharing website with vast audience worldwide of 490 million users worldwide.The Youtube was purchased by Google in 2006 and amount of video uploaded in 2010 is the equivalent of 150,000+ full-length movies in theaters each week.This realizes how the Youtube popular is,if you want to upload a video or to watch any video on the go try Youtube mobile app.Youtube app have 4 rating with 500,000,000 + installs.


Hootsuite is my favourite tool that helps to manage your 5 social accounts from one account in free,however upgrades increases the amount of social media accounts.Hootsuite provides a smartphone app that allows you to manage all your social accounts on the go.The app rating is 4.1 which is quiet good with more than 1 million installs.


LinkedIn has about 235 million users worldwide and one the top social media website in this age.After the release of LinkedIn in 2002 increase the popularity of this tool quiet rapidly which shows that it is a better tool to work with.The LinkedIn app is rated 4.1 and installs are more than 10 million.This social website already grown many business,get this and be connected with your circle on the go.

Google +

Google + is the fastest growing social networking site given by Google.The user interface and the features of this site has already broken all the records,not only this but all the services provided by Google are always on the top.However this one has a Android app with the rating of 4.2 and installs of more than 100 million.If you will open this app in a tablet,then you can enjoy the magazine style,but it works fine with all the Android devices.

WhatsApp Messanger

WhatsApp messenger is the top social media app that help to do instant messaging between WhatsApp users without any charges.This app is widely used and one the most using app on Play Store,however Viber and similarly Tango also provides such features but I am satisfied with WhatsApp.The current rate of this app is 4.6 with the installs of more than 100,000,000.

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