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4 tools to design or develop a Facebook page template

4 tools to design or develop a Facebook page template

However,people get confused between design and development,whereas there is a line between them.Design refers to give a layout or a template in a draft or image form.But,development refers to code and change the draft or layout into a complete template.Therefore,I am going to share a few tools to design or to develop a Facebook custom page.So lets begin,


Photoshop is now a primary source in order to design a web-template,and a stunning Facebook page can be designed here,show your creativity,use the advance options and tools of Photoshop to create a draft of the custom page.However,it is not the template it is better to design any template before code,that what I do.

Things you need too know while design
  • Use the canvas size according to Facebook page,it is 800px.
  • It is a design,hence take time and create something interactive.
  • Better to design your page for different screen sizes for better usage.
  • Don't make it magazine,keep it simple and creative,no one reads too much text on them.


4 tools to design or develop a Facebook page template

Pagemodo is an online web application to create a custom Facebook Page template,provides free as well as three different upgrades with best prices.Pagemodo helps to create a single pager site with custom HTML and pre-made templates to work with.

5 steps to create a template with Pagemodo
  • Select a pre-made template.
  • Modify theme
  • Edit content
  • Like gate,an option for pro users.It shows different page for those who haven't like your page so its helpful to increase fans.
  • Publish


4 tools to design or develop a Facebook page template

Create amazing HTML5 and flash Facebook page template with lots of options like multiple tabs and animations options.It allow the user to add widgets in your Facebook page template,to increase the user experience within the Facebook page and with drag and drop.This amazing template make might increase your fans,hence get it.

Wix have free as well as 3 upgrades with monthly as well as early packages,that helpful for the user to select one.Wix is not only a Facebook page template maker but HTML5 web-sites too.Personally I refer Wix because of its lots of features with flash and HTML5 template.


Decor provides and amazing web app to create a Facebook page with drag and drop method.A user can add tons of widgets,including HTML,videos,Twitter feeds,Paypal,Instagram feed and a lot more.Decor comes with free as well as with 3 upgrades with 7 day trail for more satisfaction.

Just Sign Up,Design,Publish and Holla


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