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5 reason to use Google custom search engine tool for your website

5 reason to use Google custom search engine tool for your website

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) is a Google serving tool to create a search engine for web/blog.I've shared about CSE before but this post have something new.This free tool have something different and fascinating and that is the reason that I suggest to use this tool.Now,I'll let you know the reasons and might be strong enough to change your idea about a web search bar.So lets begin with it.

Google has already serving tons of stuff for web-masters and CSE is one of them.It provides

Ease Of Use

Either a web-master or a user,its ease of use make it different,specially for web-masters.Instead of coding a long script for an amazing looking search engine,better you use CSE.It provides use lots of different options for all the possible problems we face while coding for a search bar with some new features,but really I CSE solve that too.

Better Customization

Love your UI? Don't worry CSE will be adjust.Google provides some ready templates as well as custom editing options to customize a search bar in all the possible ways.It could be either button,input bar or even search results.

Monetizing Option

Google already serving ads to millions of publisher through adsense,this one also connected to adsense.If you want to monetize your each and every search then you can have it by turning on the ads in CSE and it will connect to your adsense account.Ultimately you will be having some extra bucks to have a coffee.Cheers!

Search result in a light-box

Lightbox is one of my favourite feature,it helps a user to open a window without redirecting to another page.This feature is not compulsary to have it but you have more options too. 

People do not usually use it because if you will make the user redirect to another page then ultimately your ad impression will be effected.Hence difference in revenue can be occur.

More advance search

Using of q method in a search bar is most common but the problem is that it won't give you best search or desire search result you are founding.Google search engine is known for its target and keyword searching logarithm and thats what we can observe in CSE.

I've done with my points,its your time to share.We are waiting for comments.

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