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Why to purchase template from Themeforest

Themeforest,a trusted marketplace I've ever experienced ever.The web-designers as well as the buyers are also satisfied because of its trusted management.When a author submit any template to Themeforest,it has to cover various points in order to sell.The management check the template in every perspective,and those are the reasons which force a buyer to buy the template from them.So lets see what are those perspectives,

Design matters

Design,the most powerful weapon of a web developer to sell his templates.Even buyers love to buy those templates those are having latest and well designed web templates.

This is one of the factor on which the Themeforest team judges the template.Template should be designed according to its component like navigation menu,listing and other elements that completes up a template.Design should not be copied head to toe from others and most important it should be designed with well markup languages.


5 reasons to purchase template from Themeforest
Capability is like page speed and cross browsing like stuff.All those stuff are also check to ensure that the buyer will be satisfied from each and every element of a template.Even I'd read in an article of Themeforest blog that your template should work good in IE6 which is something impossible for many web-developers.However,according to them it is possible if a designer use standard markup languages that supports modern as well as old browsers.

If the templates contain any type of hack to work in old browsers are directly rejected,even many authors not get a single template passed.Hence,your purchase will be having good performance.


I'd been working on different Themeforest projects to be submitted,hence I'd read some articles related to it expressing that if you are a author,then you should work on helping files that helps a buyer to edit the template stuff.Even your codes should contain comments like "Header Wrapper Ends Here".That shows that header section ended here,so if someone wants to edit the code,the person can make it without any problem.

Beside,all the help documents,if you find yourself in a disturbance after purchasing a template then you can easily comment to contact or can contact directly to author for your specific problems.Later in this post I have given some suggestion must have a look on them.

Test yourself to a template

5 reasons to purchase template from Themeforest

Themeforest team has completed its work now its your turn to make it happen.You have various choices to choose 1 out of 1000s.Check your self either the template is compatible or not by:
  • Taking a live review is the most efficient way to judge a template,as it provides a clear view of a template.Check each and ever stuff of it,either it comply with your demand or no.
  • Check the author status,however it is possible that author is not having good status as he could be new,but the more badges he will having,the more trust you can do.
  • The buyer do rating which shows that how popular the template is.If you are later authors then you must check the rating,as they are given by users.
  • Respect some point of view of other people by reading the comments and replies by author.
  • Check the page carefully on which the template is present.All the features are usually listed below the template.
  • On the same page,on sidebar some details are listed for assurance of buyer,must check them.

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