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5 reasons why it is not a good idea to post ad on online trading sites?

5 reasons why it is not a good idea to post ad on online trading sites?

By the release of many online trading sites like OLX it is easy to sell or buy any stuff online. However, sometimes it is not the case.I've heard many stories that prove that these online trading sites is not a good idea to post any ad.By posting this post I am not going against to any online trading site,its just my opinion.Have a look to my school of thought about these sites,

As they are open source of posting ad,therefore anyone can have an account and can post add.Sometimes,it is observe that many of the people use to post fake ads for have some fun.However,this fun actually degrade the value of these sites.

  1. Fake ads includes the fake contact numbers and contact e-mail addresses that actually spreads the contact number of any person.The person adding the contact number may not of his/her but,to the the third person which is not actually link to that ad.Hence,think before contacting anyone on the contact information given.
  2. Sometimes ads includes the wrong description and images posted.The images that provided with ad might be wrong,because those people who want to sell their stuff sometimes add wrong description and images that engages people to look after the ads.Finally,the aftermath of these activities leads to disagreement on deal.
  3. Ads with incomplete description actually annoys the most,because after reading the heading and the price,we get a shock looking at the description which is not actually their.If a person looking at the ad of a real state property with incomplete description and visited the site and get a bang after looking that this is not actually it was finding.
  4. This reason is the most major reason,may change your though about online trading site.One of mine friend look after an ad of a smartphone.He contacted and deal with the person and set up a meeting to receive the phone.When he arrived there he found himself in a street crime victim.All the cash and assets taken from him.Make sure that the person you are meeting is not involved in such activities.
  5. Something like above case,one of mine friend set up a meeting with a real state agent which has given ad on online trading site to sell a shop.When my friend arrive their on the zero hour he found himself on a residential place where their is not even a single shop.After effect of that incident he never search on that site.
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