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5 ways to increase your followers on Social Media

Social Media followers trend is increased too much in among us,everyone of us need high rate of followers in order to get more responses on every post/status.However,some of us are not getting that much followers that much we want,because there are lots of people wants to follow us but,due to some reasons we do not get highlighted.Therefore,this post will help you to get more followers,lets begin.

Showcase Yourself

Being a student I learn every day,every moment.To get more followers I can showcase my talent on different places like,I have good skills of web-designing then I will write some script and give a link to my profile.The later visitors that will look after that script will attracted towards your profile,probably they may follow you.

Share what your followers want

Some beginning followers need some content to look after,if you find something helpful,like I found a helpful tutorial related to Javascript.Then,I will publish it on my profile for my followers,their responses will increase the visibility of my profile on the social media site,this publicity of my profile increases followers.

Face other

Comments on posts and responding to any of your follower creates a positive image on the viewers that the person interact with their followers.Any response to any post also increase your visibility on your followers pages,the more times your profile visible on your followers profile,the more rate of followers you will get.

Link your social accounts

Do you access multiple social accounts? Link them up.If you upload a video on Youtube,then share the link on your other social media accounts,that will not only increase your followers on Youtube but,on those social media where you have share the link.This interlinking of accounts help those who followers uses a single account.

Try different media

Text is not the only solution,we still have video and images.Using of images express our views better than text,they look more attractive and diverges the viewers concentration towards your post.Videos are one more ways,however sharing of videos not always help because their slow streaming/buffering hesitate the viewer.

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