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How to add multi box-shadow and text-shadow on one element?

I've observed that many sites having multiple box-shadow,and my colleague asked me,and I said "Yeah! I got today's post."Actually it is simple to add multiple box-shadow and same I did with text-shadow in order to get the effect.But,you must know that box-shadow property is supported in IE9+, Firefox 4, Chrome, Opera, and Safari 5.1.1 and text-shadow is supported by Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.So lets have a look at the below pen,


See the Pen Multiple box-shadow by Mohammad Hamza Dhamiya (@mohammadhamza) on CodePen
The above pen shows how multiple box-shadow look like.Its easy to create the effect by just giving a comma (,) after every box-shadow value.
box-shadow: value,value,value;
I've added three but you can add more.


See the Pen Multiple text-shadow by Mohammad Hamza Dhamiya (@mohammadhamza) on CodePen
The above pen uses the same principle as box-shadow.Just the property is different.Other examples of the same property is given below,
See the Pen Text-shadow 2 by Mohammad Hamza Dhamiya (@mohammadhamza) on CodePen

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